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I was recommended Redfish by a close friend

I highly recommend them

I was having some real problems with my accountants

Jennie has done an amazing job and took the time to explain everything to me

We will be using them for our second business and will be recommending them to everyone that asks for advice

Thankyou Jennie and your team

Susan bahaji

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I have been with RedFish for a number of years now. They are always an absolute pleasure to work with. They make everything easy and are always incredibly responsive and helpful. Thank you RedFish!

Morris Bentata

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It’s been great to work with the Red Fish team, who have supported us since the start and been able to help with a range of needs from book keeping and payroll to R&D tech credits and more. Jennie, Ollie and other colleagues have been responsive and helpful!

Ren Hooi

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This was my first time using an accountant for my self assessment, and not trying to do it myself!.

I have just found out that Red Fish Accountancy has saved me over £500 which will be a very welcome tax refund.

Paying for an accountant actually saved me money and time – one happy customer!

And the Red Fish team are really lovely!

Zoe Lacey-Cooper

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Have worked with Red Fish at two different companies over the last 5 years and have had an amazing experience the whole way through.

Fast, flexible and have been a great partner to us.

Ed Bramwell

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I’d highly recommend Red Fish for any tech start ups that are looking for fairly priced accountancy support. The team are responsive, easy to deal with and understand our space well so are great with R&D claims and the like. Thanks Jennie and co!

George Grima

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I have had nothing but great support from the whole team at Red Fish – I am very new to running a business, and their help and support at every corner has been invaluable. Jennie, Ollie and Iain are always on hand to respond to my (regular) queries, and they are quick to remind me when I have any sort of submission due. First class service.

Alastair Campbell

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From my first meeting with Jennie, I have experienced nothing short of an earnest desire to meet our accounting needs.

We have been so fortunate to have Red Fish as our accountants. Their dedication, professionalism, and personalised approach shines through in every interaction.

Abbie’s meticulous attention to detail and commitment to delivering timely results is a godsend. Her commitment, good humour and patience, despite my occasional delays in communication, never waver. She and the team are super proactive, addressing any concerns before they even reach me and is always available on the end of the phone.

In my experience, it’s rare to find an accounting firm that not only does a phenomenal job but also takes the time to understand the nuances of your business and works tirelessly to accommodate your unique needs. Red Fish Accountants, with their customer-centric approach, unquestionably fall into this category.

Beyond just meeting my expectations, Red Fish has set a new standard for what I consider quality accounting services. The peace of mind knowing that our financial matters are in such capable and caring hands is priceless.

Will Cochrane

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I have worked with Ollie (and Red Fish) for a few months now and I find his service, speed and attention to detail to be superb! We have regular communication and despite me being busy and not always quick to respond to him, Ollie stays on top of things and ensures the best possible service. I feel Red Fish is providing a quality, consultative approach which gives me peace of mind. Super service so far!

Melanie Lawn

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